Case Study

Case Study

Client: One Earth Ventures

Project Title: Web Redesign

Team: Klever Sucuzhanay


Description: One Earth Ventures is a company which aim to work with companies or individuals focusing on green technology solutions that improve our biosphere that must be supported as quickly as possible. Their vision and mission of the company believe that there is an ample clean renewable energy by 2030, where they want to move faster to reduce fossil fuel dependence. Doing this, the community will have a great impact for future generations.

Background: One Earth Ventures is a relatively new company founded in 2012 based in California. It is trying to be different company thanks to the significant growth over the climate changes which are threatening us more. CEO and founder Gail Work provides a clear leadership with her vast experience in strategies in development businesses. In addition, Paul Wingate technology consultant and Julian Sproul consultant are willing to accomplish the new ideas of their associates.

Project Brief: Looking to the company website, it looks very simple and uninviting to continue navigating around and even more the site does not have a logo that identify One Earth Ventures. Therefore, I saw an opportunity to redesign its web page completely.

Research: Choosing a company that is involved in sustainability green technologies was something that always called my attention, so I decided this company. Although One Earth Ventures is a new firm based in USA, their vision and ideas will capture entrepreneurs and business persons around the globe. In this sense, my purpose for the redesigned website were to:

– Design a Logo

– Organize the website and give it a more appealing look

– Add Social Media

– Change color Scheme to make eye catching

– Introduce the firm as trustworthy.

Strategy: When I began to work redesigning the site, I knew exactly that it needed a logo. Furthermore, I wanted innovate the site to create an image that represent the company as well as to find colors that would make it look more vibrant with a modern style. In this sense, I went with a logo that contains a tree and some water underneath with green rectangles simulating a sun and the earth. I used light green colors that are related to the planet conservation. The most important concepts was trying to communicate the firm values about humanity, innovation and sustainability.

Challenge: As a beginner in building a web site, there were many challenges that I faced. One of the hardest was to learn coding from scratch in Dreamweaver. As the days passed learning the code, I was understanding the formats of the program. I know that mostly the code is copy and paste, but I had to be creative to adjust into my site to meet the user needs. In couple occasions I had to be helped by our professor to make work some code. Thus, I had to learn through my errors and how to make certain elements behave. In this sense, I found the process very worthy and I enjoyed redesigning this site. In the future I would like to take the next web design level to improve my knowledge and launch my own website.

Effectiveness: Navigating myself, I believe that my goal has been reached. Now, the updated site has a logo with vivid colors and a charming letter in the company name. I applied an interactive navigation bar and a slide show with appealing pictures as well as a video in the about the company page.

This is how the home page looks like now:


This is the Team Page


This is the Approach page


The About page


And this is the Contact page





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